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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"

Learned Hand

Organizations who understand the need for evolution and expansion in this dynamic world also acknowledge that their Human Resource is the biggest assets in realizing their vision. In a world of increasing commoditization, we pride ourselves on our specialization, sticking true to our areas of expertise and delivering substance and value. We realize that People are the Most Critical Asset of any organization. The quality and drive of its people will determine the success or failure of any organization.

“Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together”

Our Services


Executive Search

Organizations that understand the necessity of evolution and expansion in this dynamic world also acknowledge that it is their human resources who are the prime assets in achieving their vision. As one of the leading engaged search firms in the country, Aurora EPC advises companies across the globe while providing complete services for Board Level, Leadership and Senior Management roles. Our system goes beyond the traditional search and evaluation process. Offering a single-window platform, Client engagements are nurtured around a demanding model of Executive Search excellence and by providing them a wider access to global talent pools across industries. Our consultants are associated around industry verticals. As our in-house specialists, they ensure that for every client, the experience of working with us differentiates us, and gives them an insight of our thorough approach to every assignment.

Recruitment Consultant

There comes a time in every business when one either need to start employing staff or employing more staff. The purpose of employing people is to make your business grow. You have a problem and you need someone to help you solve it. If they don’t solve your problem, then you don’t need them. Employees should be a vital part of the efficient and effective functioning of your business. Therefore the aim of recruitment is to encourage applications from people with the skills and qualifications necessary to meet the organisation’s needs. Recruitment of more people in the Sales Team will not automatically increase Sales. One needs to identify the "Best-Fit" Candidate from with-in the organization first, to take on the new challenges. Only when the option of employing existing staff is exhausted, one needs to look externally for candidates with the right skill-set, expertise and experience who can deliver on well-defined corporate goals.
Recruitment is an expensive process so care must be taken to develop a cost effective system. As the rate of staff turnover plays an important role in the stability and success of your business, you should hire with the expectation of long service from the employee. This is easier if you know what you are looking for and the applicants know what is expected of them. Aurora EPC’s specialists & consultants help organizations define their recruitment needs & process. Mainly: BECOMING AWARE OF THE NEED TO EMPLOY - Clearly define the problem in terms of activity and results. In other words identify what is, or is not, happening. Are there any alternative solutions to the problem? Often a change in work methods and/or systems and/or equipment may solve the problem.

1. Identification of the job, the Key Performance Areas (KPAs) involved
2. What needs to be done?
3. Why does it need to be done?
4. How must it be done?
5. What is involved in getting it done?
6. What skills, technical competence, education and training qualifications are needed?
7. What are the physiological requirements of the job?
8. What are the working conditions?


Resource Provider

Information Marketing like the IT & Telecom industry is an area that is growing by nearly 10% a year…and is headed for the TRILLION DOLLAR MARK! These sectors are marked by severe shortage of talent available in the region, very high rate of employee turnover and intricacies like requirement of specialist on short notice, usually for a short duration (a few days to a few months).
Aurora EPC has created a special division designed to cater to the needs of these high-growth industry sectors in Indonesia. We have a pool of 100 (and growing) qualified and experienced personnel working for us, who have the skill-set to implement the projects undertaken on short-term & contract basis, and are available at a very short notice. Aurora EPC’s Resource Provider Division endeavors to become the most efficient resource provider in Indonesia. At present we focus on the following Industry Sectors:

• IT & Telecommunications
• Building Materials/Construction
• FMCG (food and non-food)
• Retail
• Shipping/Transportation
• Digital Media
• Financial Institution/Insurance


Information Marketing like the IT & Telecom industry is an area that is growing by nearly 10% a year…and is headed for the The main function of HRMS is to work with the organization to attract and retain the highest quality people in each position – the one’s whose skills, priorities and values align with the organisation to form a perfect marriage. It is also a tool in helping the members of the staff develop their personal careers while individually contributing to the success of the organisation.
This service also includes:

• Creating or modifying Human resource management policies and policy advice
• Possibly recruiting, placing or promoting staff as well as management of the organisation
• Promoting a continuous learning culture, development and professional excellence

Training, Coaching & Knowledge Sharing

Aurora EPC works with its partner in this sector. PT.OTI Transformasi Lintas International is Indonesia’s leading Transformation Management and Technology Consulting firm which specialize in the business of enabling customers to transform into High-Performance Organizations. Credibility
The Company has 150+ customers in multiple Industries across 12 countries over 10+ years. Customers include Adria Finance, Astra, Bank CIMB-Niaga, Boehringer, BP Migas, Capsugel, Great Giant Pineapple, KPK, Ministry of Finance, Panarub, Pelindo, etc. Services
We offer “Strategic Alignment” with Balanced Scorecard, Process Transformation, Leadership Alignment, Strategy Planning, Six Stigma, Activity Based Costing, Performance Cockpit, Organization/HR Alignment, CRM with Analytics and Risk Management complemented by IT Solutions for enabling strategic feedback. Value-Proposition
The company as a long term strategic partner: Brings-in an extensive experience with Large & Leading referencable customers across various industries

Provides “Thought Leadership” and multiple services in Management Consulting ena- bling phased Performance transformation engagements
Ensures a high-degree of customer satisfaction as endorsed by OTI’s customers with repeat business
Support insured by a Professionally-qualified and Highly experienced team available lo- cally with International experience

Corporate Performance Mapping

The Global Economic Environment is more dynamic than at any other time in the history of modern world. The swing cycles between high growth and economic downturns are most likely to get shorter. The current economic environment offers huge opportunities for growth in emerging markets – more than ever before; At the same time, in this economically integrated world, the smallest shift in the economic tectonic plates can lead to a massive downturn, as we have experienced in the last few years. This indicates the need for new paradigms of risk management.

The role of Boards in corporate governance has to therefore evolve rapidly, from compliance & 'giving direction' to providing sustainable competitive advantage to corporations, in this highly volatile environment. Boards must clearly understand the intricacies and complexities of the economic environment - the opportunities & risks, partner more closely with the CEO & Management Teams, be proactive in advising the companies, and focus extensively on Performance of the companies on all key, substantive issues. This means that the DNA of the boards must change – if they are to be effective.

Aurora EPC offers strategic leadership training & coaching to help organizations identify the right DNA and competencies for organizations to enable them in building cogent, effective boards & management committee.

360° Feedback

Companies start with specific goals and values in mind, but the focus on these goals somehow get lost with time, especially at the operational level. This is because the corporate vision, mission and values tend to get diluted, in interpretation as well as implementation, down the line in bigger organizations.

Also, in today’s changing and volatile world, organizations are continually looking for ways improve performance and satisfy the demands of the stakeholders. Achieving this almost inevitably involves change, which then becomes the pivotal dynamic for success. For an organization to evolve the people working within it will have to adapt; and for this to be successful, they first of all need to know what it is about the way they are currently performing that needs change.

360° feedback process is a method and a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor and four to eight peers, reporting staff members, coworkers and customers. The process allows each individual to understand how his effectiveness as an employee, coworker, or staff member is viewed by others. The most effective 360° feedback processes provide feedback that is based on behaviors that other employees can see.

The feedback provides insight about the skills and behaviors desired in the organization to accomplish the missions, vision and goals and live the values of the company, the employees are working for. The feedback is firmly planted in behaviors that other employees can see.
The purpose of the 360° feedback is to assist each individual to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, ad to contribute insights into aspects of his or her work needing professional development.

360° feedback process has become an indispensible tool in Team Development, Improved Customer Service, Training Needs Assessment and Personal & Organizational Performance enhancement.

We at Aurora EPC, along with our expert partners design, develop and implement a 360° feedback system and process for forward-looking companies operating in the high-growth sectors in Indonesia

Turning Talent Acquisition into a Performance Advantages